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Brick free machine in operation must pay attention to the five requirements

Nowadays, science and technology are changing with each passing day, and the real estate industry is booming and occupies an increasing share in the market.

The demand for this wall material is also growing, so the new brick free machine emerged at the historic moment.

I will briefly introduce to you in the operation of the brick machine should pay attention to the problem.

First, the equipment is often produced day and night in the factory, which is bound to cause certain damage to the machinery and equipment.

Therefore, we need to carry out regular maintenance to ensure the normal and good operation of the machine and equipment. In the inspection and maintenance of the hopper to be fixed, must be turned off the power supply.

Second, when the brick free machine is working, the tool in the process of use shall not be put into the drum, otherwise there will be a safety accident.

Third, when we use the blender, we must put the blender in a firm position,

And be sure to use some support or legs to stabilize the mixer, not tires.

Fourth, when we open the free brick machine before, we must check whether the clutch, brake, wire rope and so on should be good, and the drum can not have waste, waste residue, etc.

Fifth, we must pay special attention to when the hopper rises. During this period, no one can be under the hopper. After the completion of the work, we must remember to firmly fix the brick free machine hopper.

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