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What should be paid attention to in the rainy season

Free from burning brick machine is the production of free from burning brick brickmaking machine, that is, the production of bricks need not burn can be used. Combined with the characteristics of similar products at home and abroad and market needs to design and manufacture of new brick equipment. The brick free machine has the advantages of high automation program, compact structure, large pressing force, strong rigidity, complete sealing and dustproof, circular lubrication, simple operation, high output, durable, smooth operation, accurate in place and low maintenance rate. The raw materials required for the production of no-burning brick machinery are cement, fly ash, river sand, sea sand, mountain sand, ore powder, slag, stone powder, coal slag, coal gangue, tailing slag, chemical slag and so on.
Free brick machine occupies a large share in the brick making industry now. In the case of more serious pollution and waste of traditional kiln firing brick, free brick machine has brought new wall materials. Therefore, environmental protection and energy saving brick machine has become the focus of the national policy. Free brick machine has also become a popular brick machine in the market.
However, the arrival of summer, changeable weather, continuous rain, not only brought no small trouble for brick making, but also for the brick machine brought damage. Because baking-free brick machine is a kind of iron and steel machinery, rainy weather is easy to bring baking-free brick machine rust corrosion phenomena, such as improper handling can cause the service life of baking-free brick machine to reduce and performance degradation, therefore in this rainy weather, it is important to note that baking-free brick machine maintenance work: 1, to pay attention to the motor of baking-free brick machine equipment from the rain, to do a good job of rain. 2. Pay attention to the waterproof work of the power line and junction box. 3, but also do a good job of brick free machine equipment rain, rust. 4, should be timed for free brick machine spray paint lubrication.

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