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How to operate permeable brick machine to reduce machine failure

We all know that the causes of the accidents of permeable brick machine are divided into human factors and mechanical factors. Among these factors, the operator violates the safety structure specification of permeable brick machine, has no operation knowledge, and lacks professional regular maintenance and maintenance of permeable brick machine equipment. Secondly, the design defects of permeable brick machine itself are caused. In production, when the vibration of permeable brick machine is severe, it is easy to happen safety accidents such as flywheel friction belt falling off, screw loosening and abnormal hammer head falling off. In order to ensure safety, the following four points should be paid attention to when using permeable brick machine equipment correctly:
1. Regular inspection and maintenance: Once the permeable brick machine is a large production line equipment, it has a large workload and a long working time, which requires us to carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the permeable brick machine equipment.
2. Timely replacement of worn parts: In the continuous production of permeable brick machine, some equipment parts belong to fragile consumables, so we need to prepare some replacement parts in the warehouse and replace them in time, so as not to affect the production schedule by penny wise and pound wise.
3. Before using the permeable brick machine, it should be carefully checked before use. Non - professionals are not allowed to operate, pay attention to the operation sequence. The operation mechanism of permeable brick should be sensitive and easy to operate. Protective covers, railings or fences can be installed on hazardous equipment. Avoid casualties and equipment accidents.
4. The production site of permeable brick machine should be clean and tidy, and there should be good lighting. Good working environment creates necessary environmental conditions for the use, installation and maintenance of permeable bricks.

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